American Custom Face Masks

We’re here to help. We have converted part of our American Blanket Company shop in Fall River, Massachusetts to produce breathable, high-quality, protective, washable & reusable face masks. Hand-crafted with a tailored fit, every stitch is sewn with your protection and comfort in mind. Customizable masks are now available. We can embroider directly on your mask. Custom masks are a great option for people and businesses that want personalized masks.

Supporting Those on the Frontlines

Why American Custom

American Blanket Company has been a trusted brand for years delivering quality and comfort to thousands of satisfied customers. We turned our know how and factories around to support our country's efforts to supply high quality comfortable American made PPE.

Made in America

Designed, assembled, and sewn right here in Massachusetts, our company craftsmen have put their years of skill and training to use creating what we feel are the most comfortable masks available today.

Super Soft

Premium super soft fleece the same material we use in our top rated fleece blankets. You will feel comfortable and secure wearing our loved and highly reviewed cloth masks.

Washable and Reusable

Our fleece face masks can be hand washed or tossed in the washer/dryer and reused. This cloth cover is designed to stay comfortable and durable wash after wash.

Protection for everyone

As we work to get back to a new normal, there are steps we can take to ease the transition. Wearing a face mask helps to protect you and others by adding a physical barrier to cover the most vulnerable areas of your face, and catch any droplets that may spread when talking, coughing or sneezing. Wearing a face mask is an important step in reopening commerce, our schools and public places, as safely and as quickly as we can. 

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J. Hawkins

Thank you to all the folks at ABC for your dedicated precision of making a great product. Preparation of shipping provided for a well packaged product. The fit of the medium size masks fits me well and will fulfill the requirement for the safety of wearing a mask!

J. Hawkins

Daniel Hagel

I bought a 5 pack to try out. These are very comfortable compared to other mask materials I have tried. After a week of wearing them I ordered more. I have clean masks hanging by my door so I can use a fresh one each time I go out.

Daniel Hagel

The Markel Family

Thank you American Blanket Company for all your hard work and persistence during these difficult times. We understand every business is compromised beyond its control during this crisis and appreciate your efforts in making these masks for the common good.

The Markel Family